MYTH: Temporary workers do not receive benefits.

FACT: As a best-in-class employer, Advanced Resources offers industry-leading benefits and bonuses to all of our temporary associates. We appreciate your commitment to our team and our clients.


Solutions for your benefits needs

We strive to create an experience unlike any you’ve ever had. We deliver results and create value to help you grow and succeed.

  • We offer several choices for ACA compliant plans with medical and dental options for associates and families.
  • Advanced Group contributes company dollars toward premiums.
  • We offer eyewear and prescription discounts.
  • Our plans have in-network and out-of-network options.
  • Associates receive holiday, vacation, and referral bonuses.
  • We offer 401(k) eligibility with company match.

Minimum Plan

  • Post-tax benefit
  • High Risk Plan
  • Minimum preventative care coverage

*This plan does not meet ACA standards

Wellness Plan

  • Covers 63 specific preventative and wellness services
  • Does not include hospitalization or major medical

Value Plan

  • Covers preventative care
  • Doctor copays
  • Emergency room coverage
  • Prescription coverage

*Can elect optional hospitalization coverage

Advantage Plan

  • Large national PPO network
  • Pre-tax benefit
  • Optional health savings account
  • Preventive care covered at 100% & does not meet deductible requirements
  • Once deductible met, all expenses covered 100%

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