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What services does Advanced Resources provide?
Advanced Resources solves your business challenges with talent-based solutions. We match highly qualified talent with your company, whether you require temporary, contract, or full-time support. We won’t waste your time with too many options. Our recruiters find the best people for the job based on your company’s unique goals and culture.

What kind of talent do you represent?
Our focus is on Technology, Accounting & Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, and Office & Operations. Connect with Advanced Resources to complete your team.

How does the search for talent begin?
The process begins with a conversation about your goals. Our experienced recruiters work collaboratively with you to understand your requirements. We then supply a curated list of talent, and once you select a candidate, the interviewing, offer, and onboarding process begins. We then are responsible for paying the contractor, offering benefits, and providing details of the assignment.

How many resumes do you typically submit for a job opening?
We send our clients the top few candidates from our screening process, eliminating the hassle of weeding through resumes. We won’t flood your inbox with unsuitable matches. We invest our time in vetting talent so that you can invest your time in managing your company.

What is the job market like right now?
The job market is rapidly evolving for both employers and talent. Hiring managers are seeking a more flexible workforce with contract and full-time employees. The gig economy offers a great opportunity to evaluate talent performance before you add someone to your payroll. Connect with Advanced Resources to explore all of your hiring options.

What happens when I bring on a temporary employeee vs a permanent employee?
When your company brings on a temporary employee, that employee is added to Advanced Resources’ payroll and offered a comprehensive benefits package. Advanced Resources is clearly considered the “employer of record.” When your company selects a permanent employee, that person is added to your company payroll and receives health insurance and workplace benefits from you.

What benefits do you offer to your talent?
Advanced Resources offers our talent the same comprehensive benefits package we offer our internal team. We have several medical and dental plans through Allied Health and Aetna. Our talent can enroll in a 401(k) plan once they work 12 consecutive months. Vacation time and holiday rewards are also available. Advanced Resources is proud to offer industry leading benefits for our talent – internal and external.

Who handles the process if I have to let an employee go?
If you feel out of sync with an employee, we’ll address your concerns and handle the details. Connect with us to talk about next steps. We want your company to have the right person for the job.

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