Job Seeker Webinars

Need help in your job search? Our Job Seeker Webinars give you the insight you need to achieve greater job search success.

After being in business for more than 27 years, we think we've learned a thing or two about conducting a successful job search. That's why we developed our innovative Job Seeker Webinar series. Our webinars are designed to share best practices on a wide variety of job search topics. We'll share our insight on everything from interviewing skills to using social media in your search.

Our informative webinars are typically held the first Thursday of every other month, and they run for one hour, starting at noon. Our sessions are open to ANYONE, and the best part?  THEY'RE FREE.

Click below to view/hear past sessions. Visit our Events Page for more information and to register for one of our upcoming sessions.

"I actually have an interview TODAY and the tips in your webinar were EXCELLENT! I've even more prepared now and I learned great tips on how to connect with the boss. Thanks again Advanced Resources!" -Marianne G.

"The speaker did an excellent job! Lots of helpful and important information. I was highly impressed with the way the speaker presented everything so clearly and professionally. Excellent communicator!"  -Annette C.

"This was one of the most interesting webinars I have ever attended, and I have attended MANY!  Thank you!"  -Eileen N.

"You did an excellent job! You presented the material in a very knowledgable, kind, and gracious manner. I look forward to receiving the links and to your future webinars!" -Rose M.

"Thank you so much for this webinar! It made a difference for me ... you talked about different approaches that I think will be very helpful. I plan on attending your next webinars, letting others know about them, and I also plan on following you on social media! Thank you! -Nancy G. 

"Thank you for the informative webinar. The points you made helped to rejuvenate my job search. It's so easy to get discouraged when all I feel like I'm doing is sending my resume to a black hole. I'm having a tough time getting to talk to an actual person but the longer my search goes on, the more I understand that's just the way it is today. I'm focusing on staying positive and knowing something good will eventually come my way."  -Judee K.

"Thank you for the tips on getting my resume noticed today.  I feel like I have a new perspective on job hunting. I am off to build my brand on LinkedIn now!" -B.J.S.


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You're Ready for the Job Search, Is Your Resume? (Click here to access the recording + slides)

Are You Ready for a Career Change? (Click here to access the recording + slides)

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Ace The Interview, Land the Job (Recording) (Slides)

The Social Search (Recording) (Slides)

Life after College: How to Launch Your Career (Recording) (Slides)

Getting Your Foot in the Door! (Recording) (Slides)

YOU: The Brand - Personal Branding for Job Search Success (December 2014) (Recording) (Slides)

Using Twitter for Job Search Success (Recording) (Slides)

Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search (Click here for the slides)