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  • I needed to fill two Legal Support positions ASAP, but grew frustrated after months of interviews with no success. Finally, my company directed me to Advanced Resources, where we brought in two temporary employees. I was so pleased with their candidates that I asked them to recruit two full time permanent employees for me. Initially, I was approved to hire one candidate however, both of the candidates I interviewed were so well-qualified that my company agreed to hire them both! It's been six months and I couldn't be more pleased!Litigation Supervisor, Van Ru Credit Corporation
  • Anyone who reads this should go to Advanced Resources to get a job! This agency is great, and Talia is the best. I have been looking for a job for 3 years and have been to MANY agencies, and then I was referred to Advanced. Talia was very helpful, always listened and was a go-getter. I am so happy I have a job now and it is with a great company. To anyone looking for a job - try Advanced Resources and ask for Talia, she will go out of her way to get you that job you want. Jody C.
  • I've been job hunting like crazy the past few months, and recruiters have literally been the worst experience. I spend my time telling them what I want to do with my life, and they either offer me irrelevant positions or never speak to me again. Advanced Resources was going to be my last attempt at working with a recruiter, and with the way things are going, I may not need a recruiter anymore. Within two days of talking to Dave, he has found me four positions, and I have a phone interview with one of them today. He's very communicative and very reassuring that I will find a position soon.L.S.
  • Pam exceeded any expectations I had for temp agencies. I came in to interview and it felt a lot more like meeting a friend for a cup of coffee than an interview. It's incredible that she has all these people she is trying to place, yet I felt like she was working for me 24/7.Ross
  • I've been working with Advanced Resources and I love it!  I've had the pleasure of working with Anna, who took time to understand what I was looking for. She didn't place me just anywhere, she found a position that was perfect for ME. I've always felt supported by Anna (and Dina and Talia). The other thing I like about Advanced Resources is that they have webinars to help develop your job search and interviewing skills. Advanced Resources is the only agency worth going to, in my opinion. Keep up the good work! You guys rock!Rebecca B.
  • My experience with Advanced has been excellent. It is because of their staff, especially my recruiter, Stacy Johnson. She took the time to get to know me and listened to my needs. She set me up for success by placing me where I'm appreciated and continue to advance my skills and career.Suzy A.
  • My Advanced recruiter worked extra hard to make sure I was connected with opportunities that matched my career goals perfectly, and she always stayed connected with me to make sure that I was having a positive experience in my position.Tara H
  • Colleen has changed my life for the better. She gave me access to an opportunity that I would have otherwise had no access to. Hands down, Advanced Resources is a great placement firm!Tiffany WTest Company
  • Betsy and her team at Advanced Resources took time to really understand what we were looking for and have always sent us professional, qualified applicants. Almost ½ my permanent team started as temps from Advanced Resources and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Betsy!CDW


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Leo Sheridan

CEO and President, Advanced Group

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COO/CFO, Advanced Group

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President, Advanced Resources

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Director of Corporate Development

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Managing Director, Office/Administrative

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Managing Director, Accounting & Finance

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Managing Director, Financial Consulting Services

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Managing Director, Human Resources

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Managing Director, Technology

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Managing Director, Technology - New York

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Managing Director, IT Dallas

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Managing Director, Healthcare

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