What Is A Direct Hire Position?

Today’s employers need to adopt and implement various hiring strategies to find and retain the best professionals for key roles. Direct hiring has become an invaluable means of achieving human resource objectives. What does direct hire mean? In traditional direct hiring, an employer hires a candidate for a permanent, full-time position without relying on a third party.

Even better, onboarding employees through direct hire is mutually beneficial for you and the employee. Below, learn more about direct hire and why it is a vital way to engage high-caliber professionals to benefit your business.

An Overview of Direct Hire

Some employers prefer this hiring method in theory. By hiring directly, companies could potentially save up front cost without a third-party organization, but they miss out on the value of engaging a reliable, effective, and mission-oriented workforce solution firm. Even worse, hiring senior-level positions is often a long, complex, and expensive process.

No one wants to hire a key player in an organization only for him or her to leave within a year. Employee departures cost about one-third of the individual’s annual salary. The expense of an employee exit is much higher with senior-level roles, costing an estimated 200% of their salary. Needless to say, a bad hire can cut into your organization’s profits.

Undergoing the direct hire process through trustworthy staffing firms has become increasingly valuable to organizations that want to employ senior-level staffers who desire a long-term professional relationship.

How Does the Direct Hire Process Differ From Other Staffing Strategies?

The structure of direct hiring through a professional staffing firm such as Advanced Resources differs from other types of staffing strategies in the following ways:

  • Temporary positions typically last for one year or less.
  • Contract positions last for the duration of the agreed contract facilitated between you and the contracted professional, and do not require you to offer benefits.

In all cases, we supply the professionals you need. That said, each staffing strategy offers distinct goals that your organization requires to suit your budget or fulfill a professional need for a limited time.

How Does the Direct Hiring Process Benefit Companies?

Here are some ways a staffing company can streamline the direct hire process for your business:

  • Takes charge of the entire hiring process
  • Relies on extensive experience and connections to find, identify, and contact top professionals in their industry and field
  • Vets candidates to ensure authentic educational and professional background
  • Maintains contact with candidates who are not currently seeking a new position but might listen to their staffing firm contact about special opportunities
  • Gives you the chance to attract top industry professionals to help you stay ahead of the competition and on top of your organizational goals

Direct Hires Offer More

For you and your desired professional, direct hire roles are ordinarily permanent or long term. They require you to provide salaries, paid time off, and additional benefits including health insurance and retirement accounts. Your staffing firm will handle the recruiting and vetting process and certain phases of negotiations.

Once the employee accepts your job offer and signs on with your organization, he or she reports directly to you as your permanent employee.

What Is a Direct Hire Position That You Might Need to Fill in Your Organization?

Professional candidates might choose the direct hire route if they have just finished college or are making a midlife career change. In any case, types of direct hire positions might include:

  • Permanent position that suits highly specialized qualifications and requirements
  • Leadership roles for professionals such as chief executive officers, chief information officers, and vice presidents
  • STEM positions for financial analysts
  • Organizational roles (sometimes executive-level positions) that require an advanced degree in graduate work, such as a master’s or doctorate

Here are examples of positions you might offer:

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • And many more

Why Work With a Trusted Staffing Firm?

The fact that the direct hire process using a staffing firm benefits you and job candidates can help inspire success for both of you.

The benefits to your organization include:

  • The candidate comes on board as a full-time and permanent addition to your staff.
  • Direct hire roles are more desirable to a larger pool of talented candidates for your specialized and senior positions.
  • Permanent direct hire employees can immediately and fully engage with their role, duties, and fellow team members.

The benefits to professional candidates include:

  • Staffing firms offer candidates a supportive team of professionals working to find the right fit for them to apply their knowledge and experience with a reputable employer.
  • Direct hire provides a secure, permanent position that includes health insurance, retirement options, paid time off, and other benefits.
  • Employers offering direct hire immediately let candidates know they are serious about a long-term professional commitment.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Direct Hire Services to Staffing Professionals?

The advantages of outsourcing your organization’s direct hire duties are many and varied:

  • Access to a larger candidate pool — including passive candidates with the educational background, skills, and experience you need
  • Able to hire senior-level and specialized positions quickly and effectively with the right candidates
  • Frees your busy human resource team to manage internal and ongoing issues with existing employees
  • Saves time and money for your hiring department and organization
  • Allows you to fill an important, yet long-vacant, position
  • Helps reduce the risk of turnover 

Why Advanced Resources?

Advanced Resources delivers the professionals you need with our direct hire practice, offering these benefits and more through a strategic approach to sourcing, verifying, and introducing talent specific to your demands.

We take the reins of the direct hire process — from search to hire. This leaves you and your staff to focus on core operations while we find the best fit for your position and company. Advanced Resources features a team of expert recruiters specialized in their respective industries and markets. We take an insider’s approach to the hiring process to better assess and satisfy your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach to the direct hire process and what we can do for you.